Personal WHY.os


To uncover the internal operating system that drives your decisions and direction.


By developing your Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT.


A 2 hour guided workshop to bring instant clarity, confidence and certainty in articulating your message.

Workshop Overview

Knowing your WHY is the critical first step in understanding yourself. Ready to accept your potential and reject excuses? Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of discovering your WHY.  

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Are you ready to unlock your Personal WHY.os?

You'll learn the strengths and weaknesses of your Personal WHY.os so that you can identify your unique gifts, where you best fit in the world, and how to live with passion.

"I have attempted to help hundreds of clients discover their WHY, which is very difficult! Gary Sanchez has “unlocked the code” and can help people discover their WHY in 5 minutes! Our clients participated in a full day WHY+HOW+WHAT workshop where they discovered not only their WHY, but they discovered their HOW and WHAT. I have to say that this workshop was a resounding success! Our clients all have their WHY+HOW+WHAT message and are communicating this to their employees and their respective marketplaces. I highly recommend Dr. Gary Sanchez and The WHY Institute to any person or organization that desires clarity in “WHY” they do what they do in life and in business." Mark Tobiassen - Business and Executive Coach Action Coach Business Coaching
"I am very pleased that I made the decision to attend the Personal WHY.os Webinar. It was time and money very well spent. I had several breakthrough moments and am certain that I, along with, will benefit from this NEW insight." Jane Bradley - Founder/CEO, SmartspiderPROS, Inc. and
"I have been having a great time with WHY Institute since the first touchpoint. My WHY+HOW+WHAT fits perfectly to everything I do and done so far so I believe that all that is left is saying THANK YOU! I think that it's time for AT LEAST every entrepreneur to get exposed & aware of the WHY Institute. The world needs you." Sean Rosenboim - Founder: